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Custom Promotional products have become one of the most effective publicity methods for companies. In this article, we focus on why promotional products are so important and expound the concept of promotional products.

For many years, promotional products is the lowest cost promotion method. Whether it is a small company or a large enterprise, promotional product is the favorite of marketers,low cost to attract people’s attention.

the Importance of Custom Promotional Products

According to PPAI research, 90% of consumers remember the place receiving custom promotional gifts, 80% of consumers prefer to buy goods after getting gifts, and about 40% of them will reserve gifts for 3-4 years.The study also showed 90% of consumers said they could remember the company brand for 2-3 years, the  data show the importance of the promotional products in business and marketing.

In highly competitive market, choose a suitable promotional product will have a great effect on your marketing, it will make you stand out from your competitors and win the market.


promotional products


The following 4 reasons will tell you why custom promotional products are so important.

1. Low cost but significant effect

Compared with companies spent much advertising, small companies don’t have much budget,they could only choose targeted areas and customers for marketing.So promotional gifts idea is the most suitable choice.

2. Obvious brand logo

Due to the custom gifts have the company’s unique logo, they will remember it once see, which greatly increases their impression.

3. Show more people

Unlike TV commercials that passed soon, when customer wears T-shirt with logo,people passing by will see it.

One person meets many people everyday, then for ten people , 100 people wearing company’s T-shirt,how many people will see the logo? Which greatly increases the power of brand.

4. Customer Loyalty

Each time customer uses your company’s gifts, it will increase the sense of intimacy.

So when the same goods appears in front of the customer, he will choose you do not hesitation. It is the effect of promotional products.

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promotional products